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We are the creators of the Digital Safe Zone

CybeRefund develops revolutionary cybersecurity tools to enable consumers and professionals, SMBs and large enterprises, a defense against the most aggressive cyber attacks

A benefit company and innovative Insurtech startup that develops advanced cyber security solutions for the enterprise, with modern AI and Machine Learning techniques

In the event of an attack, our platforms can detect dangers in predictive mode and alert from the central control center (SOC) via telephone to the subscriber when the event is critical, providing clarification and pointing the way to fully engage the internal or external IT structure.

2 the Saas products: EnterPrise and NautiLux.

CybeRefund created "digital safe zone"

The security perimeter against digital threats, where human and artificial intelligence work together to defend the business ecosystem

Intesa Sanpaolo Group's support

II Intesa Sanpaolo Group has decided to support Cyberefund in accelerating its growth path with a convertible loan.

Intesa Sanpaolo is one of the most important and attentive entities in the European banking system.

This is for CybeRefund a testimony to the merit of the project as a whole, as well as a great opportunity for development

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