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A software house specializing in defense and redress against cyber attacks

CybeRefund Benefit Society, innovative Insurtech startup


  • We prepare your People.

  • We recognize your Risks.

  • We Block the Attacks.

  • We Insure Your Business.

The Vulnerability Factor

Systems are breached by attacking people, harming individuals and organizations.

We help Professionals, Merchants and Businesses avoid the economic and non-economic damage caused by data theft.

It is estimated that worldwide more than $1.1 million goes up in smoke every minute due to cybercrime.


The solution for safe surfing

NautiLux is an App accessible from Web and Mobile (Apple Store and Google Play) that integrates education, assessment, monitoring and insurance tools to encourage proper digital use and mitigate risks.

Official data show that people are the main victims of cyber attacks.

The NautiLux solution increases awareness and reduces risks, makes people aware of the dangers that can result from the incorrect use of digital devices thanks to a set of value-added, modular and continuous Training platforms dedicated to cybersecurity.

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The Sentinel

Growing number of businesses victimized by ransomware: SMEs a favorite target of hackers.

EnterPrise is the InsurTech solution that targets information systems and security managers, activating effective Prevent, Detection & Refund processes in the event of an attack or cyber threat.

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